Cape Epic Stage 6

Distance 76km

Climbing 2000m

Weather: cloudy 20 degrees.

Plan: Solo. Push on as able.

The cool weather today was a blessing, with still a lot of climbing and my chest feeling ropey, I wasn’t in the mood for a suffer fest. Still a long day at 5.5hrs but funny how that felt so short relative to previous days. I gradually wound up the pace where I could, but only went hard near the end. Lots of riders on the course still meant slow descending on the singletrack in places. I really didn’t feel too good, my throat was like sand paper so the Feed Stations were my respite and I made full use of all of them. A good day though, riding with different people and getting the flow going.

Just a note, there’s a team out here called Team Too Big. The two blokes have a combined weight of 260kg! Looks like they’re going to finish it.

Onwards to tomorrow, the Grand Finale, a fairly tough day in store, with still 2000m climbing. I’d love to go hard if I can, but not sure I need to, see what happens in them legs and lungs. I certainly need to savour it that’s for sure.

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