Epic MTB Ride | Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales Classic

Dates: ………….

Distance: 25-30km, 16-18 miles

Climbing: 800 metres

Time: 4 hours riding time but be prepared for a full day out.

Ability: moderate – think trail centre reds.
Fitness: Cruiser – moderate-good. Must be riding at least 2 per week with additional fitness like running or team sport.

Price: £160 per group – upto 4 per group.

Looking for more than a trail centre? Suited to those women familiar with trail centres, for the adventurous types who are looking for a more natural challenge. Here we have an all day, all mountain experience. The emphasis here is on the outdoor experience, why most of us get into mountain biking in the first place. We will always ride as group, no-one is left behind. Be prepared for the all types of weather and a solid day in the saddle.

You will need your own mountain bike in full working order. A hardtail or an XC/Trail orientated full suspension is most suitable. If your bike hasn’t been serviced for a while please take it to your local bike shop for a service 2-3 weeks prior to attending the day. Tyres should be trail orientated, not heavy downhill tyres, nor light weight cross country vulnerable to rocks.


Helmet and gloves are mandatory, you cannot ride without them. Knee pads are not essential but if you’re more comfortable with them then please wear them. Please have an appropriate waterproof, a windproof isn’t substantial enough out on the hills. Shoes/pedals: flats or lipless, whatever you are most comfortable with. Spare inner tube for your own bike. And a spare rear mech hanger, contact your local bike shop that stocks your brand. Brake pads.

Whats not included
Bike, Personal equipment, Food/Drink