Cape Epic Stage 2

Distance: 106km

Climbing: 2000m

Weather: sunny 28 degrees.

Plan: Keep Michael rubber-side down. Survive the day.

A cold start (13 degrees) soon warmed up to the top twenties. Michael was up and ready for it. We’ve made some good friends there’s talk of folk already having their various issues and not starting the day. And ouch for me for the usual sore contact points on first sitting down on the bike…

Naughty fellas took a selfie when I wasn’t look

Another rough route but far less techy, a constant up and down all day, reminded me the Trans Cambrian Way I did last year, not massive hills but relentless lumpiness. We had no dramas, we took our time at the feed zones, using all the services on offer.

Of course there’s fatigue everywhere but I seem to have developed DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in my forearms! Never had that before. It makes for interesting braking on the bumpy sections. I’ve had a couple of near misses with my hands blowing off the bars, oops.

Fully serviced feed zone.

And sure this is hard, but I cannot imagine how the elites are feeling, they are emptying themselves out there. It’s still tough for them, they just go faster! Good work to Annie and Mariske, making the podium again.

Summary: another day in the bank. Longest day tomorrow at 122km.

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