Transpyr – halfway through. 

Right now it’s about 32 degrees in the shade, and has been during each stage. Apparently it’s a heat wave, unusual for this time of year say the Spanish, and even they find it too hot.

Max with fellow Brit James who’s now riding with her in my absence.

Yesterday’s stage was too hot to handle for me. I did the dire thing and bailed, at 60km, halfway through the 119km stage. Not experienced anything like it before, but I guess it was simply heat exhaustion, an unquenchable thirst met with nausea and vomiting. Anyhow, despite my ego saying otherwise, I couldn’t go on and left Max to finish it alone. Of course it’s not a nice feeling, not to mention embarrassing, of course I was pretty upset about it. But that is done and Max did a cracking job despite the heat and a further two thousand metres of climbing! Strong as an ox, and the admiration of many Spanish men.

It also meant that I couldn’t ride today, I hadn’t eaten anything substantial for 24 hours. Fingers crossed the solid stuff is going down and tomorrow is scheduled to be cooler. As a novice to stage events, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There’s a few things that I would do differently – more gears on the bike! More preparation too – this was a relatively last minute idea! But I’m not sure I could’ve prevented yesterday’s episode. I’ve been drinking loads and passing urine well, with good colour! Perhaps just a combination of everything.

Onwards we go, hoping I can join Max tomorrow. 3 more stages until we meet the Atlantic coast.

I’m hoping this weather forecast for tomorrow is correct!

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