It’s a long way.

It’s a long way to drive through France down to Roses in Spain, on the Mediterranean coast. We’ve still got another 3.5 hours to go. Then it’s a bloody long way across the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Coast. That’s what we’ve signed up for, on mountain bikes of course, a Pyrenean Coast to Coast.

Adel Tyson kindly asked me to take her place for Cannondale Girls after she broke her neck a few weeks back. Pairing up with Max Filby, we will be covering 800km, 20000 vertical metres in 7 stages. All doable I’m sure but it will be hard work and  I imagine a few tantrums and en route.

No idea what to expect, sometimes that’s refreshing. No bench mark, create your own mark. We also decided to enter the World Masters MTB Championships in Andorra whilst we’re down there! No qualification required, just your racing licence. Again, no idea what to expect. It’s just how I roll.

I’ll keep you updated.

Weather looks nice 😬
10 hours after setting off, my view is improving!

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