Cant stop eating.

Love this time of year, holiday time. It means I can wake up feeling like death from training and racing and NOT having to face the prospect of work. Having said that, the constant barrage of filthy foods presenting themselves to me rises exponentially, alongside the Christmas parties. Like many, I do find it extremely difficult to decline food, some deep rooted behavioural mechanism perhaps, or I’m functioning at such a primitive level that I don’t wish to admit.

The Cake Rota – a weekly occurrence.

A strategy to help overcome this food desire, like most exercisers, is to get out early before my thoughts and behaviours can kick in. (Or just give in and stuff my face). This year, with the prospect of back to back Christmas parties, myself and Mel decided to cycle the 50km to her office Christmas party and 50km back the next morning. It worked a treat. Thanks to Garry at Sportstest for fitting that into the training schedule.


The morning after… Mel at Stanbrook Abbey. A fantastic location for an Office Christmas Party.

What am I training for at the moment? Due to the nose surgery and perhaps the battering one receives from the 3 Peaks Cyclocross race I’ve ended up missing much of the cross season. I still intend to make an appearance in the National CX Champs, my last as a Senior. Its a fun, mixed course at Shrewsbury, I like it there. Usually, I’ve run out of steam by the time I get to the Champs and have an absolute shocker, hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit fresher and get at least a respectable result. We shall see!

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