Seasons Change

I’m stressed, I’m tired and I’m busy. Its all self-inflicted and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m feeling alive, working towards my plans and goals. Seasons are changing, the leaves are turning, I love being part of this, amongst it on my bike, it even smells different. Something I would like to change is the time available to ride more.

Mountain bike season is over, cyclocross has started for real now. Two weeks in a row of racing it, I’m always surprised at how painful it can be, five minutes in and looking at your watch wondering how on earth you’re going to manage another forty minutes! Its a ridiculous sport, there’s not a huge amount of reward beyond self-flagellation.

My Steed, the Crux Evo
My Steed, the Crux Evo

I actually look forward to it more than mountain biking now, can’t put my finger on why.

The West Mids Cyclocross league is certainly part of it. Brothertons has a team presence, there’s a good core of women in regular attendance, and some very fast ones at the pointy end (we even had Nikki Harris this weekend), everyone has a race. We have our own start, a bit of banter and its generally very well organised, with the courses far more creative than the National Trophy series. Its a lovely atmosphere, one big family.

Sundorne Steps, National Trophy 2014
Sundorne Steps, National Trophy 2014

One thing that perhaps could be improved upon would be the women’s start. Currently, behind the V50 men, of which there are approximately 80 each week. That’s a lot of overtaking when the fastest woman has reached the top 10. Our race ends up being an overtaking skill, potentially using the men tactically to block your opponent, but then this plays on your moral take of ethics and sportsmanship behaviour. Not sure what the answer is here, do all women start ahead of the Vet50s?

For now I’ll continue with the threshold intervals and cleaning of kit and bikes – though I try to get Paul to that… See you at a cross race soon.

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