August Adventures in the UCI World Cup.

World Cup action.

I’m finding it difficult to find time to write at the moment, so many projects on the go. This is a bit outdated but so it is..

In August I rode in the last round of the UCI World Cup. It was a brilliant weekend that I piggy backed onto, a last minute decision. Anna Cipullo, Beth Crumpton and Lucy Allen were all planned to go, I decided to join them after I realised I earned 40 UCI points with a 6th place in the National Champs. I managed to persuade my petrol-head friend, Rhys to come along for a road trip.

We did get a bit giddy, not entirely cool & focussed.
We did get a bit giddy, not entirely cool & focussed.

The atmosphere was buzzing, particularly as the 4X World Championships were featured on the Friday night. This event made for great viewing, crashes galore, even taking out the spectators. I have to say I am tempted to have a go some day.

Practice was hot in the sun, drying out the course after a big downpour the night we arrived. The course was a mixed affair with multiple steep climbs, awkward rocks and roots (that I managed to crash on too often), and part of the 4X rock garden and “doubles”. No A-lines anywhere, nothing particularly treacherous but options over the doubles was certainly quicker. The night before race its lashed it down again, all night. We all wanted a bit of sun, a mini holiday, wasn’t to be. My race wasn’t good, in fact it was bloody awful! I got a super fast start which was the main objective, it went rather shaky from there with issues that are perhaps of not much interest for here. Watching the U23s was next and I tried to support Lucy and Beth as much as could, whilst Rhys fed them in the zone – he’s an excellent feeder by the way… Those girls did good.

My knee. Did the same thing twice...
My knee. Did the same thing twice…
Beth Crumpton in U23 warm up pen.
Beth Crumpton in U23 warm up pen.

It was just great mixing with all the racers and casually cycling past them as if you do this every weekend. The fact that 5 of us rocked up to Italy together, we had barely spoken a word to each other prior to this, we shared our various stories of how much and how little some of us trained. We generally got on well (I think). Its certainly something I will plan to do again next year if anyone would like to join me?

Loads of thanks go Rhys for his efforts and commitment to the cause. To Paul for running around after me in the workshop. And to Garry for giving the legs this year.

Evening meals. I managed to avoid any cooking situations...
Evening meals. I managed to avoid any cooking situations…

For now I have the 3 peaks Cyclocross Race to focus on, defending a title. Never, would I have thought I would say that, so I’m going to say it again. In two weeks I will be defending my 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race title. I feel sick thinking about it, so I won’t say it again.

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