Good Friends

Summer is in full swing, as is my diary. I can’t keep up. Planning, unplanning. I’m heading out to Paris in a bit – Business Class – that was a surprise. Lots of surprises have been thrown up in the last few months. One of which is, after my 6th place at the National Champs, I finally have accumulated enough MTB UCI points to ride in a mountain bike World Cup, and if I can summon enough courage that is what I shall do. 

Morale of today’s story – you cannot do things alone. Operating alone is unfortunately, how I work normally. I’m not a social being, I like my own space and need it. Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, whether it be to simply live without loneliness or work towards your dreams and goals, you need others’ input. Constantly learning and improving upon ones’ self, be it physically or mentally, and talking to different and new people comes at en effort, but you will generally get rewarded, unpredictably. Creating opportunities. I’ve worked hard on this.

Over cooked this one, going the wrong way at the National Champs... Thanks To Amy Crumpton for the photo.
Over cooked this one, going the wrong way at the National Champs…
Thanks To Amy Crumpton for the photo.

3 months ago, I didn’t know I’d be rocking up to Lance Armstrong’s house for a BBQ. Nor last week that I’d be chatting to new friends, planning mountain bike trips. 14 months ago, I changed jobs – something I put off for 4/5 years, I haven’t looked back. 18 months ago I was desperate, watching my life literally drain away. I got involved, pushed that safety net further out. I asked for help, people are willing to help, its a refreshing experience, compared to battling alone.

Mel didn't think she'd be rinsing Lance up France's biggest climbs...
Mel didn’t think she’d be rinsing Lance up France’s biggest climbs… Thanks to Liz Kreutz for the photo.

Right now, I’m planning my first World Cup road trip and printing my boarding card for an exclusive visit to Paris. All because of good friends. You just never bloody know, so carry on, think big and believe it. It will happen, perhaps not how you thought it would. But it will.

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