Training Camp

Training Camp

Day 4 of Train In Spain camp. Riding on the road for this long, this far or this fast in not something I’m used to.
So far:

2700m climbing
average speed ~30kph

No fat tyres here, no rocks no mud (though the weather is unseasonable). Just tarmac and a lot of fast wheels to follow and hang on to for dear life. It isn’t something I would normally choose and I was dreading this camp a little, fearing being dropped on endless climbs.

Prior to the "recovery ride"
Prior to the “recovery ride”

But I need this as this type of riding, its certainly a weakness of mine, whether mental or physiological.
The flight over was dominated by hen and stag parties, and a scattering of cold viruses being sneezed and coughed around the plane. The sun welcomed us on arrival and has been pretty much a stranger for the last few days. We have a varied group of differing abilities and experience. We can just about ride together if we are smart.
It’s a good learning curve so far about the nuances of road riding, the ettiquette and how bloody treacherous it is on wet Spanish roads!

I’ve got the first National Mountain Bike series this Sunday, all being well I should have ridden 650km and 22hours of riding, perfect preparation, no matter. It’s doing me good I’m sure.

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