2014 MTB XC National Championships

Phew! How to make a weighty wench work.. send her on to battle with gravity.

A tough steep course at Hopton today, accompanied by some fun and downright treacherous descents. So treacherous that halfway through I afraid to say I opted for the ‘B’ line. Everyone seems to love Hopton. For me it’s missing a technical climb, it’s just a big steep grind on a forest road with some fun downs, and I just don’t get on well with it!

The drive to Hopton was in torrential rain, I fitted mud tyres (first time ever). On arrival for practice, it had hardly rained here, just a bit slippy. I figured I’d just stick with what was one the bike. Needless to say, they weren’t much help on the slick and slimey hard pack…

What initiated the thought process that my first xc race back would be the National Champs, I’m not sure and there is no hiding at Hopton. But I like to have a go and it was great to catch up with folk and be back in the thick of it. Finishing much slower than I started, I just managed to hang on to 14th place, even stopping halfway round to have a serious chat to myself. Pain tolerance seems to have divorced itself from me recently, and rather irritatingly I was caught by nearly every junior out there! Lots of work to do… Grrr

What’s on the calendar next? Its Team Bros first Team race! The most fun event of the year on an xc course that is by far the best by a long way, its twentyfour/12!
Dan and I are defending our 12 hour pairs title. This season we have accumulated 1hour 45mins of xc racing in our legs between us, (that was today) its going to be interesting! Luckily we have our bitch Jon Clay on duty. Hopefully he’ll be firing up the BBQ whilst offering sausages in between laps…